Commercial Treadmill

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Commercial Treadmill

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Input supply voltage:AC 220V+10%(50Hz或60Hz)

Rated power of motor:3.0HP

Peak motor power:7HP

Operating ambient temperature:0-40℃

Speed measurement demonstration circumference:1.0-20.0(km/h)

Time whole demonstration circumference:0:00-99:59(min:sec )

Range display range:0.00-99.9(km)

Heat display range:0-999(Kcal)

Heart rate display range:50-256(Times/min)

Slope waste display range:(0-20)%

Overload protector specifications:13A

Power cable specification:16A AC 250V

Overall dimension:2310mm(L)*960mm(W*1700mm(H)

Package size:Wooden box 2260*1040*670 carton 1090*830*530

Packing square:1.6+0.5


Net weight: 226 kg

Gross weight 276 kg

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