seated leg press

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Product comprehensive parameter information:1, pipe: national standard Q235 stee

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Product comprehensive parameter information:

1, pipe: national standard Q235 steel

2, Insert equipment: 50*100*T2.0mm elliptic tube (conventional), 65*114*T2.5mm elliptic tube (each additional 200 yuan)

3, stool rack equipment: 50*100*T2.0mm oval tube

4, counterweight: 430*100*15.6mm, embedded shockabsorbing rubber pad (plus pieces, 35 yuan per piece)

5, optional two 5 lb (2.5 kg) push/pull incremental weight selector (each additional 40 yuan)

6. Rear cover: non-transparent black; Front guard: translucent dark grey

7, process: imported laser cutting - intelligent robot welding - surface shot blasting sand rust removal - closed automatic electrostatic spraying

8, accessories: diameter 6.0mm "seven strands 19 lines" wire rope; Nylon pulley; Cushion pneumatic adjustment

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Product nature is protected 1 year, if the product itself has the quality question, the factory exchanges the goods processing with unconditional to customer

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