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windage rowing machine air rowing machine

windage rowing machine air rowing machine Rowing machine is used to simulate the water rowing machine, rowing machine on the leg, waist, upper limbs, chest, back muscle enhancement has a good effect. Each stroke, the upper limbs, lower limbs, waist, abdomen and back will complete a complete contraction and extension in the process, can achieve a whole body muscle aerobic exercise effect.

Build muscle:

The rowing machine uses 84 percent of your body's muscles. Each cycle uses your legs, hips, and upper body muscles to strengthen your back, shoulders, and arms. It also builds muscle endurance and explosive power through short bursts of high-intensity rowing.

Lose weight and slim down

Rowing machine exercise in muscle exercise at the same time, but also can accelerate the body's excess fat burning effect, especially for the waist and abdomen, upper arm fat population effect is better, can help lose weight and slim down.

Improve cardiopulmonary function

Rowing machine exercise can improve the human heart and lung function, promote blood circulation, accelerate the body metabolism, regular exercise can help prevent the occurrence of various diseases.

Reduce stress

Many friends are under pressure from work and do not have time to go to the gym. At this time, buying a rowing machine at home is the best stress relief tool. Exercise stimulates nerves in your brain and increases the production of polyphenols, which helps you release stress. Boating while listening to music brush TV series, the mood is getting better at the same time, the figure is also getting better unconsciously!


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